Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cute finds for toddler girl

I always have loved shopping more for my daughter than for myself or anything else. Anything I look at that is her size, is usually so adorable! I have always loved to shop at and love all the different stuff you can get there!

Here are some amazingly cute stuff that I sooo want to get for my daughter! (in her size of course) But right now, most of the prices are scary. lol. Eh, maybe someday...

I love to get her some cute dresses. I especially love this dress with the long socks!

Get it HERE

and another one!

Get it HERE

I'm so in love with the pillow dresses above! And Charming Necessities also make matching headbands!

Here is another one I love:

I love the black with hot pink. 'Specially the leggings! How adorable

And I absolutely love these navy and white dress and skirt! So stinkin' cute!

I love the high socks in these photos as well! I see them in a lot of photos now-a-days. Im getting some for my little cutie!

Im loving the pink ruffles on these knee socks!

and take a look at these adorable red ruffled socks! Oh, and take a look at the bloomers! AAAhhhh

This coat, I REEAAALY  love !!!! Its so white and fluffy! Reminds me of Belle in the "Beauty and the Beast"

Now, I want one of those!

A girl can never have too many shoes, right? Well, I also love to shop for shoes for my munchkin. She outgrows them faster than I can get her a new pair! I looked for some cute ones on Etsy, and although I didnt see many for the walking toddlers, I did find these:

I love the yellow and the cute ruffles!

I also found these really cute pink ones:

I love the pink satin flowers on them. So vintage! But, I think my baby will shred them before she gets a chance to actually wear them!

These next ones I am head over heals for! I dont know why, but Im just drooling over them!

I dont know if its the adorable pink bow, or the color of the shoes, or the pattern of the shoes, or the colors of the shoes with that bow...I dont know, but I absolutely L.O.V.E them!

I also found these cute shoes:

I love the lepard pattern and how the hot pink flowers look with them. I dont like that the soles are white. The dirt will be too noticeble.

Well, thats it folks! I'll be on the look out for more cute stuff for toddler girls!

Which one of these did you like the best?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

check your kids homework!

Something I found that gave me the chuckles....

Have a great day!

Headband giveaway!

I will be doing a small giveaway on my facebook fan page at the end of November. I will give away 3 headbands.

For those that dont know, I make baby wipe cases and adorable baby headbands.

hot pink flower headband-hot pink, headband, flower, baby, infant, toddler, newborn, girl, green, damask, boutique, silk flower headband

SO, just because I want to do this, I will choose a winner at the end of November. All you have to do is refer as many people as you want to/ or can and the person with the most referals, will win. Have the people leave a comment saying you refered them. Simple as that!

light pink flower headband-baby, girl, headbands, pink, white, headband, silk, flower, newborn, infant, toddler,rhinestone, center

Also, I will randomly pick another winner in early December. Just because Im nice like that.. lol.

Maybe this will be the extra little present for someone in your family or friends that had a baby girl (or have one)

White shabby flower headband-baby, girl, white, flower, vintage, shabby, shabby chic, frayed, fray, small, headband, newborn, infant, toddler,

(these headbands may or may not be the ones I will giveaway. I did not decide yet what headbands will be given away)

Giveaway will end on November 30.

While you are at it, check out my website:

Have fun! You have exactly 20 days left!


No, not from me, lol, but Sahrish Adeel is having an awsome giveaway! ( I think its awsome since I never tried it)
Its a cleansing and polishing tool for your face. I would so love to win it and see if it works for my face!

A looong time ago, I bought something similar, but at the same time it was waaay different. Well, that particular tool didnt work for me. But I have some hope for this one.
In the winter, my face breaks out for some reason, so I deffinetly want to try this cleaning tool!
Plus, its pink and girly!

Enter to win HERE and be sure to say that Olya Balan referred you !! :)))))))

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ribbon Belts with Flowers

These days, I am so into ribbon belts/sash belts with the big flowers on them! I see many people wearing them these days! I always liked to wear belts with wide shirts, but now, I am so liking these sashes!


I think they work so much better on fancier attire than belts would. Because of the flower on them, they are more feminine and chic :))

Now that I think about it, what  if I will try to make one for myself? I have lots of flowers, and will just have to find a nice sash.
oooo I'm getting excited! 
Its not as hard as it looks. Right??

What do you think? Like em?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recipe for Tilapia Fish

Hi again!
I have another recipe that I want to share with you today. As the title says, its Tilapia Fish.
It is very easy to do and taste SOOO YUMMY!!
I must apologise right away, but I rarely have specific ingredients and their amount. If I am cooking, about 95% of it I do it based on appearance, smell, and...well, I think they say "cooking/judging by the eye" Even if I have specific instructions, I always change it and do the spices how I like it.
Now, if I'm baking, I will usually follow the ingredients and their amount, but I do add/change some stuff once in a while.

I have to say that I did not look at the bag size (exact size) but I bought a large bag of Talapia fish from Walmart. They were in the freezer in the fish department.  Each fish was vacuum sealed and they were about 5-6 inches long.

the top row is the fish, the bottom is chicken

Receipe for Talapia Fish


*Talapia Fish (or ANY kind of fish)
*fresh pressed garlic (best) or garlic powder
*onion powder
*Vegeta seasoning (optional)
*3-4 eggs


1) Let the fish thaw in their individual closed pouches. I just took them out of the large bag and put them in a big bowl of luke warm water. Do not take the fish from their individual pouches until you are ready to season them.
2) When ready, open as many fishes as it will fit on a cutting board and put them close together.
3) season the tops of fish with all the seasonings exept mayo. Use your best judgement for salt and pepper. If you put a little more onion powder or garlic, it will just taste better :) but dont dump the whole thing on the fish . lol
4) repeat for all the fish.
5) put all the fish together in a big bowl, and using your hands, rub all the fish so that both sides of fish gets seasonings on them.
6) Add about 1 TBS of mayo PER fish. If you feel its not enough to cover all the fish, feel free to add more. It will not hurt the fish one little bit. Gently mix the mayo and all the fish. Make sure all the fish are covered with mayo and seasonings.
7) Let the fish marinate for at least one or two hours. (I let mine sit for 3 hours)
8) Get a large skillet and add oil just until it covers the whole bottom.
9) Turn the gas to medium heat and get the skillet to be hot.
10) get a large bowl and add some flour to it to drench the fish in.
9) crack about 3 eggs in another large bowl and whip lightly or until its not lumpy.
10) get a shallow plate ready with a paper towl on top. You will need it to put fish on top when you take them out of the skillet. After each layerof fish, add the paper towl so that it absorbs the oil from the fish.
11) taking one fish at a time, drench it first in flour, and then in eggs. (Do not rinse the fish or take the mayo off)
12) Put it in the skillet and brown both sides until golden brown.
NOTE: Make sure the skillet is not scalding hot because the tops of the fish will burn quickly and the inside will still be raw. I keep it at around 6 (my knobs show 1-8) Remember, the fish cooks fast and it takes just a few minutes per side. Keep your eye on them!
13) Let the fish cool slightly before serving.
14) Cut the fish in the portions you would like.

The fish will be soft and fall apart in your mouth.

Monday, October 31, 2011

"Mimoza" Salad Recipe

On saturday, I was cooking the whole day and making some yummy food for Sunday.
I made red borsh (soup), potatoes in sauce, chicken fingers with pickles inside, fish, Mimoza salad, califlower/celery/carrots salad, and some desserts.

Today, I will share a receipe of Mimoza salad. Its a salad that (I think) comes from Moldova or Ukraine. Somewhere over there.
Anyways, its basically a vegetable salad with cheese and tuna. But, I have used salmon as well, and it taste great.

I dont have the origional receipe, but I redid it as best as I can remember and added some of my own ingredients. I was making it this way ever since I can remember and most tell me its better than the origional.

Receipe for Mimoza Salad

*For a 9X9  dish (obviously, does not have to be round. If you have an oval or square plate around this size, use it. I have used a dish 8X12 as well) Make sure it has high sides or you will have to make the border yourself in the process.

*1 large potato
*1 large carrot /or 2 medium
*6 eggs
*mozzarella cheese
*2 small cans of tuna/salmon (can also use 3 cans-the more, the better!)
*box grater
*small sandwich bag

1) Boil potato, carrots and eggs until done.
2) Let them cool.
3) Peel
4) Using a grater, grate the potato so that it covers the bottom of dish. I used the side with the large holes on it.
          (NOTE: I did it straight on the dish and then just made sure it covered the bottom evenly)

5) Gently press the potatoes down, but dont do it really hard. You dont want to have it really firm and hard.
6) Season with salt and pepper to taste.
7) take a sandwich bag, put some mayo inside one corner. Twist the bag, and using scissors, cut out a small hole at the tip. Make sure its not big.
6) Squeeze the mayo evenly on top of potatoes.
7) Seperate egg whites from the yolk.
8) Using a medium size holes on the grater, grate the whites straight on top of the potatoes with mayo. (you can also do it seperatly on a plate, and then evenly sprinkle on top of potatoes.)

I used this size holes
9) salt and pepper a little.
10) Cover with mayo as well.
11) Open and drain one tuna can.
12) Sprinkle tuna evenly on top of eggs with mayo. If using one large can, simply divide the tuna in half.
13) Cover lightly with mayo.
14) Grate mazarella using the middle size holes. If it will be hard, use the large holes. Sprinkle on top of tuna with mayo.
15) Cover lightly with mayo.
16) grate carrots using the middle size holes again. (No need to rinse the grater) Dont use the small holes because it becomes clumps and its hard to cover the plate evenly.
17) cover with mayo.
18) using  the small holes, grate 3 yolks on top of mayo.
19) Drain the last tuna can and sprinkle tuna evenly on top of mayo.
20) Cover with mayo.
21) Lastly, using the small holes, grate the last 3 yolks on top. It will be the last layer, so make it nice and even.
For decor, you can add fresh dill weed or cut-outs of cooked carrots.

I think I explained it correctly. lol. If anyone will try it, let me know how it came out. The first time I did it, I put too little mayo, and the salad was kind of dry and fell apart too easily when I took it out of the dish with a spoon. Then, I put too MUCH mayo, and it was ok, but kind of TOO WET. lol With practice, you will get it right.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My daughter

My little sunshine

Totaly love her cute curles! Yes, of course they are natural!

Love her little button nose and tiny lips!

She is our most precious gift from God

Monday, October 17, 2011

Put your shoes in the house!

Ok, so you know how if you leave something outside on the yard or even by your house, its considered free? Well, apparently I didnt know this. My friend was telling me that the other day, he saw a lady (from inside the house) picking up some shoes that were left outside by the door. He walked out, and the lady calmly looked at him and he was like "what are you doing?" and she was like "taking these shoes" and then she just walked out. Lol . I mean their house has a metal fence and a gate, which means she opened the gate, walked in, got the shoes, and walked out like nothing happened!
Wow. I dont leave things outside, but now, I definitely will remember to double check!

What are some of yours funny stories?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Blog that I Manage

Remember I said that I like to make baby headbands and wipe cases? Well, guess what? I also have a small business selling them! I love to make these pretty flower hair clips and headbands, and all sorts of wipe cases for boys and girls. It started when I made some for my daughter and after giving them as baby shower gifts or presents, people asked if they can order them. So , thats how Glamour Kids Boutique came to existence.

 I opened a blog for my small business and also have a facebook, which you are more than welcome to "like" and follow.

website:  (I am in process of making my own website as well:



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to Potty Train

I have been trying to potty train Madeline (who is almost 2).  The diapers and wipes are getting so expensive. I started to put her on the toilet when she was 18 months. One of my friends had her baby already potty trained by 20 months!

I told Madeline to tell me when she wants to go pee, so she comes running to me every so often and says "wanna pee, wanna pee!" Well, when I put her on the toilet, she only makes the pssss sound but doesnt actually pee. So far, she went only one time. I claped for her and told her "good job", so I think she understands to go pee in the toilet.

I asked some of my friends how they potty trained their kids. Some said they just kind of went by themselves. Others said they took off the diapers, put on kids pantyhose (the thick, cotton ones), and when the kids peed, they didnt like the trickle down their legs, and the wet pantyhose, so they came running to mom to get changed. At this time, the mom put them on the toilet and told them to pee in there. For one friend, this lasted one month until her daughter understood. For the other, it lasted 3 months. They only did it because they have wood floors and it was easy to clean up.

I , on the other hand, dont have wood floors, so this method is out of question. I try to put her on the toilet every half hour. Usually I forget, but I try. :)
Does anyone have any tips how to potty train?

Bobby Pins From Sallys Review

Last week, I went to Sallys because I needed to buy a crimper that I so always wanted to get. Along with that, I know I needed some bobby pins that I desperatly needed.

 I used to get them at Walmart, and I must say, I HATE them. My hair is thin and the bobby pins from Walmart have those big holes at the end, so they dont hold a thing on my head. They slide right out.

One day, I decided to check out Sallys since it just got built next to where I live. And lo and behold, I saw these bobby pins:

They are just PERFECT for me. I like how they have different sizes and colors. (I got black since my hair is  dark). The holes at the end are not too big. I mostly use the smaller size which is 1.5" long. I like the long kind when I do fancy fair and need more longer pins to hold my long hair. 
The pins come in a small metal tin box. The lid slides on and off and holds really good. I keep them in my small make-up bag which I carry in my big purse. 
The small pins come in a pack of 45, and cost $2.69 with beauty/reward card (reg. $2.99)
I forgot how many pins are in larger size but there are more than 45, and they also cost the same as the small pins. I believe there are different colors to choose from, but the quantity vary with the other colors.   
The best thing, is that when you sign up to their rewards card, you get a $5 store credit. AND, when you use that card with every purchase, you get a discount on a lot of products. For example as mentioned above, the regular price for the pins is $2.99 and $2.69 with the rewards card.

What I did, was buy the crimper (which was on sale), applied for the reward card, and had $5 store credit. The credit can be used the next day, so I went back the next day and got the two boxes of pins for like $.40-something cents.! Not bad!

Oh, I forgot to mention, that the card cost $6 and lasts one year. At first, it looks like I didnt really get the pins for free, but I know I will be going back to that store and the $6 is worth it for one year.

What are some of yours favorite new products? (or old)

**I did not get paid to write a review on this product.**

A little more background about my family

I want to tell you a little more about who I am:

My name is Olga, and I am a 23 year old wife and a mommy to one baby girl named Madeline. My husband is a hard working man and he's the breadwinner for our small family. I in turn, stay home, watch our 2 year old princess, make yummy goodies, clean..yada, yada, yada.
Something else about me: I love to bake and cook...from scratch! I think everything comes out tasting SO much better and healthier. I hope to share some of my receipes here with you.

I also love to make baby headbands, wipe cases, and the like. I think I will do some tutorials here one day. Maybe even a giveaway :)

Lastly, we as a family strive to live by Gods standards and put Him first in our lives. I am first to admit, that it is hard, but we try. I try so hard to be a role model for my daughter, my husband, and everyone that I have contact with. I ask God to help me all the time because I cant do it alone. I dont have the strength with out my Jesus.
How do you prioritize your day to spend time with God, knowing there are so many chores/errands to do? By the way, I am NOT a morning person!!

This looks like a good idea... At this moment

This blogging thing looks like a good idea right now. It may not last long as I have already had a blog before, but deleted because of some hateful and judgemental people that I know of. Well, I hope you enjoy my little blog!