Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recipe for Tilapia Fish

Hi again!
I have another recipe that I want to share with you today. As the title says, its Tilapia Fish.
It is very easy to do and taste SOOO YUMMY!!
I must apologise right away, but I rarely have specific ingredients and their amount. If I am cooking, about 95% of it I do it based on appearance, smell, and...well, I think they say "cooking/judging by the eye" Even if I have specific instructions, I always change it and do the spices how I like it.
Now, if I'm baking, I will usually follow the ingredients and their amount, but I do add/change some stuff once in a while.

I have to say that I did not look at the bag size (exact size) but I bought a large bag of Talapia fish from Walmart. They were in the freezer in the fish department.  Each fish was vacuum sealed and they were about 5-6 inches long.

the top row is the fish, the bottom is chicken

Receipe for Talapia Fish


*Talapia Fish (or ANY kind of fish)
*fresh pressed garlic (best) or garlic powder
*onion powder
*Vegeta seasoning (optional)
*3-4 eggs


1) Let the fish thaw in their individual closed pouches. I just took them out of the large bag and put them in a big bowl of luke warm water. Do not take the fish from their individual pouches until you are ready to season them.
2) When ready, open as many fishes as it will fit on a cutting board and put them close together.
3) season the tops of fish with all the seasonings exept mayo. Use your best judgement for salt and pepper. If you put a little more onion powder or garlic, it will just taste better :) but dont dump the whole thing on the fish . lol
4) repeat for all the fish.
5) put all the fish together in a big bowl, and using your hands, rub all the fish so that both sides of fish gets seasonings on them.
6) Add about 1 TBS of mayo PER fish. If you feel its not enough to cover all the fish, feel free to add more. It will not hurt the fish one little bit. Gently mix the mayo and all the fish. Make sure all the fish are covered with mayo and seasonings.
7) Let the fish marinate for at least one or two hours. (I let mine sit for 3 hours)
8) Get a large skillet and add oil just until it covers the whole bottom.
9) Turn the gas to medium heat and get the skillet to be hot.
10) get a large bowl and add some flour to it to drench the fish in.
9) crack about 3 eggs in another large bowl and whip lightly or until its not lumpy.
10) get a shallow plate ready with a paper towl on top. You will need it to put fish on top when you take them out of the skillet. After each layerof fish, add the paper towl so that it absorbs the oil from the fish.
11) taking one fish at a time, drench it first in flour, and then in eggs. (Do not rinse the fish or take the mayo off)
12) Put it in the skillet and brown both sides until golden brown.
NOTE: Make sure the skillet is not scalding hot because the tops of the fish will burn quickly and the inside will still be raw. I keep it at around 6 (my knobs show 1-8) Remember, the fish cooks fast and it takes just a few minutes per side. Keep your eye on them!
13) Let the fish cool slightly before serving.
14) Cut the fish in the portions you would like.

The fish will be soft and fall apart in your mouth.

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