Monday, October 31, 2011

"Mimoza" Salad Recipe

On saturday, I was cooking the whole day and making some yummy food for Sunday.
I made red borsh (soup), potatoes in sauce, chicken fingers with pickles inside, fish, Mimoza salad, califlower/celery/carrots salad, and some desserts.

Today, I will share a receipe of Mimoza salad. Its a salad that (I think) comes from Moldova or Ukraine. Somewhere over there.
Anyways, its basically a vegetable salad with cheese and tuna. But, I have used salmon as well, and it taste great.

I dont have the origional receipe, but I redid it as best as I can remember and added some of my own ingredients. I was making it this way ever since I can remember and most tell me its better than the origional.

Receipe for Mimoza Salad

*For a 9X9  dish (obviously, does not have to be round. If you have an oval or square plate around this size, use it. I have used a dish 8X12 as well) Make sure it has high sides or you will have to make the border yourself in the process.

*1 large potato
*1 large carrot /or 2 medium
*6 eggs
*mozzarella cheese
*2 small cans of tuna/salmon (can also use 3 cans-the more, the better!)
*box grater
*small sandwich bag

1) Boil potato, carrots and eggs until done.
2) Let them cool.
3) Peel
4) Using a grater, grate the potato so that it covers the bottom of dish. I used the side with the large holes on it.
          (NOTE: I did it straight on the dish and then just made sure it covered the bottom evenly)

5) Gently press the potatoes down, but dont do it really hard. You dont want to have it really firm and hard.
6) Season with salt and pepper to taste.
7) take a sandwich bag, put some mayo inside one corner. Twist the bag, and using scissors, cut out a small hole at the tip. Make sure its not big.
6) Squeeze the mayo evenly on top of potatoes.
7) Seperate egg whites from the yolk.
8) Using a medium size holes on the grater, grate the whites straight on top of the potatoes with mayo. (you can also do it seperatly on a plate, and then evenly sprinkle on top of potatoes.)

I used this size holes
9) salt and pepper a little.
10) Cover with mayo as well.
11) Open and drain one tuna can.
12) Sprinkle tuna evenly on top of eggs with mayo. If using one large can, simply divide the tuna in half.
13) Cover lightly with mayo.
14) Grate mazarella using the middle size holes. If it will be hard, use the large holes. Sprinkle on top of tuna with mayo.
15) Cover lightly with mayo.
16) grate carrots using the middle size holes again. (No need to rinse the grater) Dont use the small holes because it becomes clumps and its hard to cover the plate evenly.
17) cover with mayo.
18) using  the small holes, grate 3 yolks on top of mayo.
19) Drain the last tuna can and sprinkle tuna evenly on top of mayo.
20) Cover with mayo.
21) Lastly, using the small holes, grate the last 3 yolks on top. It will be the last layer, so make it nice and even.
For decor, you can add fresh dill weed or cut-outs of cooked carrots.

I think I explained it correctly. lol. If anyone will try it, let me know how it came out. The first time I did it, I put too little mayo, and the salad was kind of dry and fell apart too easily when I took it out of the dish with a spoon. Then, I put too MUCH mayo, and it was ok, but kind of TOO WET. lol With practice, you will get it right.

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