Monday, October 17, 2011

Put your shoes in the house!

Ok, so you know how if you leave something outside on the yard or even by your house, its considered free? Well, apparently I didnt know this. My friend was telling me that the other day, he saw a lady (from inside the house) picking up some shoes that were left outside by the door. He walked out, and the lady calmly looked at him and he was like "what are you doing?" and she was like "taking these shoes" and then she just walked out. Lol . I mean their house has a metal fence and a gate, which means she opened the gate, walked in, got the shoes, and walked out like nothing happened!
Wow. I dont leave things outside, but now, I definitely will remember to double check!

What are some of yours funny stories?


  1. Had I known this I would have taken my neighbors car that was parked in his driveway! It was outside his house. He didn't want that, right?

  2. lol yeah I know. That was not the first time I heard people taking things from the yard and acting like its theirs.


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