Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bobby Pins From Sallys Review

Last week, I went to Sallys because I needed to buy a crimper that I so always wanted to get. Along with that, I know I needed some bobby pins that I desperatly needed.

 I used to get them at Walmart, and I must say, I HATE them. My hair is thin and the bobby pins from Walmart have those big holes at the end, so they dont hold a thing on my head. They slide right out.

One day, I decided to check out Sallys since it just got built next to where I live. And lo and behold, I saw these bobby pins:

They are just PERFECT for me. I like how they have different sizes and colors. (I got black since my hair is  dark). The holes at the end are not too big. I mostly use the smaller size which is 1.5" long. I like the long kind when I do fancy fair and need more longer pins to hold my long hair. 
The pins come in a small metal tin box. The lid slides on and off and holds really good. I keep them in my small make-up bag which I carry in my big purse. 
The small pins come in a pack of 45, and cost $2.69 with beauty/reward card (reg. $2.99)
I forgot how many pins are in larger size but there are more than 45, and they also cost the same as the small pins. I believe there are different colors to choose from, but the quantity vary with the other colors.   
The best thing, is that when you sign up to their rewards card, you get a $5 store credit. AND, when you use that card with every purchase, you get a discount on a lot of products. For example as mentioned above, the regular price for the pins is $2.99 and $2.69 with the rewards card.

What I did, was buy the crimper (which was on sale), applied for the reward card, and had $5 store credit. The credit can be used the next day, so I went back the next day and got the two boxes of pins for like $.40-something cents.! Not bad!

Oh, I forgot to mention, that the card cost $6 and lasts one year. At first, it looks like I didnt really get the pins for free, but I know I will be going back to that store and the $6 is worth it for one year.

What are some of yours favorite new products? (or old)

**I did not get paid to write a review on this product.**

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