Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A little more background about my family

I want to tell you a little more about who I am:

My name is Olga, and I am a 23 year old wife and a mommy to one baby girl named Madeline. My husband is a hard working man and he's the breadwinner for our small family. I in turn, stay home, watch our 2 year old princess, make yummy goodies, clean..yada, yada, yada.
Something else about me: I love to bake and cook...from scratch! I think everything comes out tasting SO much better and healthier. I hope to share some of my receipes here with you.

I also love to make baby headbands, wipe cases, and the like. I think I will do some tutorials here one day. Maybe even a giveaway :)

Lastly, we as a family strive to live by Gods standards and put Him first in our lives. I am first to admit, that it is hard, but we try. I try so hard to be a role model for my daughter, my husband, and everyone that I have contact with. I ask God to help me all the time because I cant do it alone. I dont have the strength with out my Jesus.
How do you prioritize your day to spend time with God, knowing there are so many chores/errands to do? By the way, I am NOT a morning person!!

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