Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to Potty Train

I have been trying to potty train Madeline (who is almost 2).  The diapers and wipes are getting so expensive. I started to put her on the toilet when she was 18 months. One of my friends had her baby already potty trained by 20 months!

I told Madeline to tell me when she wants to go pee, so she comes running to me every so often and says "wanna pee, wanna pee!" Well, when I put her on the toilet, she only makes the pssss sound but doesnt actually pee. So far, she went only one time. I claped for her and told her "good job", so I think she understands to go pee in the toilet.

I asked some of my friends how they potty trained their kids. Some said they just kind of went by themselves. Others said they took off the diapers, put on kids pantyhose (the thick, cotton ones), and when the kids peed, they didnt like the trickle down their legs, and the wet pantyhose, so they came running to mom to get changed. At this time, the mom put them on the toilet and told them to pee in there. For one friend, this lasted one month until her daughter understood. For the other, it lasted 3 months. They only did it because they have wood floors and it was easy to clean up.

I , on the other hand, dont have wood floors, so this method is out of question. I try to put her on the toilet every half hour. Usually I forget, but I try. :)
Does anyone have any tips how to potty train?

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